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Coworking is a new trend in the workplace, an innovative alternative to the traditional office. The concept was first brought in San Francisco in the year 2005 by Brad Neuberg and called it "HAT FACTORY". KANS HUB is a revamped face of business centre, a compilation of business centre and coworking space. The blended concept is introduced to yield client viable solution. The concept which is new to the district aims at delivering high class office space for one and all at an affordable price maintaining outright corporate ambiance and culture. A full-blown provision provided in the perception the companies just need to plug and play. Our objective is to promote young and talented entrepreneurs in and outside the region by providing the platform for business conductivity and thereby widening the employment opportunity in the locality.

To promote entrepreneurship and enhance employment opportunity.

In the Projection year from 2017 to 2019 we are expecting for five coworking spacesin the district alone.Wandoor to be its HQ, further stepping toPerinthalmanna, Manjeri, Malappuram and Tirur in the sequence. Being the only business centre in the whole district, KANs HUBaims at providing office identity for all startups and make dreams possible for innovative and creative people. By end of2019, we target to promoteand establish 100 companies in Malappuram. The platform will ultimately helps the emerging generation regarding employment opportunities and concerning college students for their project works, assignments, intermediate training and internship from their locality itself. Considering the major problem faced by degree pass outs- fresher tagline, by undergoing training or internship from the respective companies in KANs Hub, practical training and work experience certificate will be an added advantage for their Curriculum Vitae which will boost their employment opportunity. Also the students can opt for part time jobs and even permanent jobs based on their skills and qualities. Being a startup, it will be a relief for the entrepreneurs as well. Workshops, events, instant walk-ins will be another experiences for the candidates. Our Projected investment for the short term plan is 1.25 Crores.

KANs Hub is Founded and Directed by Naseef Abdul Rahim, an experienced and qualified entreprenuer from South India. Mr. Naseef is guided by a board of Directors from Kappil Group of Companies who are well established in Real Estate, Education and other Industries. As the company grows they will hire a CFO and Marketing Director.

KANs Hub is the one and only Hi-tech business hub in Malappuram. In a competitive business scenario, companies are always looking for newer ways to reduce overheads, increase productivity and improve efficiencies.Moreover, when multinational companies (MNC) expand across geographies, it is not always possible to set up permanent offices from day one. Even in the case of start-ups and small businesses, infrastructure budgets are minimal; However, it is very important that the business puts its best foot forward. I personally would love to call it as a "Business Studio" since our architecture is tailored almost similar to a studio penthouse and bringing innovation to a traditional office, combination would better be pronounced it so. Instead of just promoting entrepreneurship, we would like to encourage education and employment which will remain our core identity or to precisely call it as our "USP".

Malappuram district,First e-literate district in India, with its headquarters at Malappuram, is a district in the state of Kerala, India. The district was formed on 16 June 1969. Malappuram district is composed of portions of the former Palakkad and Kozhikode districts: Ernadtaluk and portions of Tirurtaluk in Kozhikode district, and portions of Perinthalmannna and Ponnanitaluks in Palakkad district.

The Akshaya project, first started in the rural Malappuram district of Kerala, India, and now spread all around the state, was the first district-wide e-literacy project in India and one of the largest known Internet Protocol (IP) based wireless networks in the world. In November 2002, the state government of Kerala put into place a project, piloted in Malappuram, with the goal of at least one person in every family to be computer literate in that district. Malappuram is now what is said to be India's First E-literate District. The mission continues to make Kerala the First E-literate state in India.

In Malappuram district alone, Akshaya has conducted one of the world's largest computer literacy drives, claiming to reach over 600,000 households, representing more than 3.6 million people, in less than 6 months. The project has created a unique brand of state-funded computer access centers, and simultaneously led to a massive wireless infrastructure, providing a wide range of services and making way to many future opportunities.

Wandoor is a town in Malappuram district of Kerala, India It is located 30 km away from Malappuram. The nearest railway station is at Vaniyambalam three km from Wandoor town. One of the major state highway SH-73 is passing through Wandoor town. It connects Nilambur-Perinthalmanna-Valanchery towns of malappuram district. And also one of the major road Manjeri-Wandoor-Kalikavuroad is also passing through Wandoor town.

The town is growing due to the hundreds of NRIs and their remittance plays a major role in local trade and business. Many of the old buildings here are being replaced by modern complexes. There has been a rapid growth in the economy, providing many opportunity to local people to initiate their business.

While running after our long term vision we have not forgotten to look after our CSR. Initially we have taken advises and consulting from Panchayat for learning the Building Act, Coworking Rules and Regulations, Electricity consumption awareness, Client Agreement Policies and Business Licensing. We do provide business platform for clients only after close investigating their products and service in order to confirm the legal and ethical business conduction. We aimed to provide fully equipped office space with price lower than any rental space in the whole district.

More than just providing coworking space, we also provide consulting, mentoring and moral support to our beloved clients for their growth and development. By building entrepreneurs, we aim to provide opportunity for college students for their projects, assignments, part time and full time job. It is very hard to get into reputed companies without work experience. In order to remove the "fresher" tag, they can undergo internship or training and provide them with certification that will boost up their career value. We will help them to find right job further through our referral program. Eventhough we provide space for lower cost we have not forgotten to take minimum profit for the business stability, since loss in long run will affect the business there in resulting employment and entrepreneurship possibilities. We encourage women entrepreneurs and also make sure their safety in workplace. Since women also spend a far greater percentage of their wages on the next generation than men do, there is almost always a multiplier effect when a woman moves into the workforce. Specifically, they use their income to provide better food, housing, education for their children and raise their children's economic prospects. The multiplier effect can increase exponentially if the woman starts her own business and begins to create jobs. A recent New York Times Magazine story features a Pakistani woman named Saima Muhammad, who was once so poor that she couldn't afford to feed her daughter. With a US$65 loan, she was able to launch an embroidery business that now employs 30 families.


K.A. Naseef Abdul Rahim

Founder and Managing Director


Phone: +91 9995986898